Tripada Lifecare Pvt. Ltd.

Tripada Lifecare, currently launched in Gujarat,
aims to provide healthcare services all over india in the next five years.


Tripada Lifecare Pvt. Ltd.

Healthcare, which was traditionally given less focus and low budget allocation,
is now seeing a significant improvement.

About Us

India has made significant forays in economic growth, infrastructure, jobs and towards becoming a developed country; however the focus on the health care sector is lagging behind. It is time that the government focuses on prioritizing health as a fundamental public good, at part with education. In a growing nation with rising disposable incomes, lifestyle changes and eating habits there is a significant change in the disease pattern. With an ever increasing population, special attention needs to be paid to vulnerable groups like children, women, disabled and aged. A projection made by the United Nations says that India’s population will reach 1.45 billion by 2028, making it the world’s most populous nation surpassing even China. In this scenario of booming population, India will have to face the challenge of providing quality of healthcare facilities to an expected 168 million people in the age group of 65 plus.

Healthcare, which was traditionally given less focus and low budget allocation, is now seeing a significant improvement. Today, India is on a journey of the transformation of the healthcare system, from its present avatar. The government, thorough the 11th and 12th 5-year plans have introduced structural reforms in the sector. It has also re-emphasized, in the plans, the vision of creating access to a minimum set of healthcare services for all..

Healthcare today should not cover medical care, but pro preventive care too. It is expected that over the next decade, Indian healthcare will evolve substantially. The healthcare sector today is seeing an emergence of quality private players today. It is in this scenario that Tripada Lifecare Pvt Ltd was launched in Gujarat on 13 March, 2012 by Mr. Kaumil N Modi and Mr. Shrujal K Modi. Tripada Lifecare has been set up with an aim to reach fulfill the growing need of the country’s population and to provide them quality medications for treatment of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiac care. It aims to cater to the medical practitioners who prescribe quality medications to their patients. With about products in their catalogue, Tripada Lifecare is mindful of quality medications with the prime aim of patient safety and curative treatments.

Tripada Lifecare, currently launched in Gujarat, aims to provide healthcare services all over india in the next five years. It has launched 3 new products in India for the first time. Tripada Lifecare is on a growth trajectory. It has achieved 160% company growth compared to last year (2013-14)

With a focus on research and development for creating quality medications using cutting edge technology, Tripada Lifecare today is searching for new compositions to existing medications, which will make the medications more effective and safe for patients with minimal side effects.

Why tie up with Tripada Lifecare Pvt Ltd

  • Safe and clinically tested products
  • Quality medications
  • Owned by Licensed Healthcare Professionals
  • Constant emphasis on quality improvements

  • Adherence to healthcare policy and procedures
  • Minimal side effects
  • Cutting edge research technology and compositions
  • Detailed medication management system in the facility

Showcase Products

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Our Team

Mr. Kaumil N Modi

Kaumil Modi is an experienced healthcare professional with a master degree in pharmaceutical chemistry. He has been part of various research work and case studies in pharmaceutical sector during his study. He has presented his research project at Florida University. His work in the bottom of the pyramid has attracted attention of many healthcare professionals in India and abroad.

Kaumil Modi is responsible for developing business with new and existing clients within the public and private sector.  He plays a key role in the business as key liaison with company and its valuable clients. He has drafted created and implemented numerous marketing plans for Tripada Lifecare Pvt Ltd. He has built a platform to ensure our clients to access the best available deals. With attention to detail and a friendly attitude, Kaumil has successfully built a substantial client base for Tripada Lifecare Pvt Ltd.

Mrs. Shrujal K Modi

Shrujal Modi holds B Pharm degree and have extensive experience in pharmaceutical industry. She looks after the production needs and back-end operation management of Tripada Lifecare Pvt Ltd.  She has effectively managed all aspects of goods manufacturing practice production and appreciated by all of our valuable happy clients.  Shrujal is an accomplished, self-motivated leader with progressive year of proven success in pharmaceutical field. She developed a cost effective high quality infrastructure for production for Tripada Lifecare Pvt. Ltd.

Her approach is little different from orthodox leader. She is enthusiastic individual who is also a great team player. She leads the team from front and set an example in between his subordinates. Her leading skills is highly appreciated in pharmaceutical circle and motivated many.

Our Company

Tripada Lifecare  a pioneer in Cardiology, diabetics and pharmaceutical industry aims to provide enhanced and effective products to its consumers. The company has built a reputation for itself by providing superlative services and maintaining a relationship with the people involved in the business.

Vision & Mission


Tripada Lifecare  envisions provision of excellent products that reach our customers without any hassles.


Tripada Lifecare  is believed in Kaizen, a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency, etc. The bigwigs in the organization have always believed in advancing business by investing in innovation, advanced technology, and quality services. The techniques and strategies adopted have helped us forge a strong bond with our customers and clients.

Expansion Plans

Tripada Lifecare  enjoys an extensive network in major cities of India. Tripada Lifecare  intends to dig deeper into other geographies and spread its roots. We intend to bring to the market most customized and need to be based products in the field of pharmaceutical, cardiology, and diabetics. Tripada Lifecare  wishes to promote health and wellness in all corners of the country.

The reputation that Tripada Lifecare  as has built in a short span of time; its command in the market would soon witness Tripada Lifecare  become a market leader in pharmaceutical, cardiology, and diabetics industry.

Our Core values

Tripada Lifecare  has built its foundation on very strong values that are imbibed in every person engaged with us. Customers at Tripada Lifecare  have been always treated with utmost respect and they have laid great faith in us as an organization. The organization follows a strict code of conduct. The organization adheres to the following core values laid down by the management:

At Tripada Lifecare , we are setting a new standard of excellence in the industry. It starts with YOU. Every product, word, action, and decision have the potential to benefit our customers and our team and contribute to our success. We want you to embed these CORE VALUES into your thoughts and actions, and we will continue to push higher together.

At Tripada Lifecare  we think of Safety first for our customers in everything we do and produce, our team and our customers are our greatest assets. We value them, protect them, take care of them and reduce the risk they face health wisely. As our customer, no matter where you are; in the office, on the road, or in your house. We look at the situation and eliminate potential dangers by delivering the best product suitable for you physically and health wise.

We believe there are many pharmaceutical and cardiology companies. However, they are only competitors if we deliver the same level of products they do. Our greatest competitive advantage at Tripada Lifecare  is that we catapult above all others in the industry by delighting every customer by doing far more than our customers would dream our products we'd do. Tripada Lifecare  delivers wow by exceeding every of our customer's expectations in relation to their body and health.


We firmly believe integrity is one factor that aids a business to make its mark. Integrity is well absorbed by the roots of our organization. For our industry, it is important to pick up and deliver the right things to promote the underlying goal of the organization.


Trust that our customers have in the organization is the cornerstone of Tripada Lifecare  Our seamless functioning has helped establish us as the most trusted brand in the pharma industry.


The motive of establishing the empire is to promote wellness in people. We care about the concerns of our customers to keep their belief in our products strong.


Undertaking initiatives help an organization transform into a leader of the market. Our team of professionals is our asset and has given the organization the much- required thrust to succeed.


Innovation and improvisation are the most critical factors for an organization. The pharmaceutical industry, specifically requires innovation because of the presence of competition and new requirement every day. Innovation is what differentiates Tripada Lifecare  from its competitors. Innovation has helped us look at the long-term perspective of the industry.


Products supplied by Tripada Lifecare  have been consistent in their results delivered. Due to this brilliant performance, we have earned a reputation of the most reliable brand in the pharmaceutical and our subsidiary industry sector.


To continue to preserve the faith of your loyal customers it is important that you remain committed to your promises. It is very common that organizations fail to keep their promises after tasting success. Tripada Lifecare  ensures that we stick to the most basic value of the organization and remain committed to nourishing the business. Commitment to our work allows us to remain focused on the goals of the organization.


We believe that transparency in the business is of utmost importance to garner the confidence of customers. Tripada Lifecare  wants its customers to know what they are buying and does not support the concept of hiding anything from people associated with the organization.
Tripada Lifecare  has built its foundation on very strong values that are imbibed in every person engaged with us.

Contact Us


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